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Fig Preserve Pizza

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Palisade Peach Shack's Fig Pizza tastes even better than it looks! Unlike any pizza you have ever had, this pizza will not disappoint.

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Behind the Recipe

This recipe was inspired by Palisade Peach Shack's New Fig Preserve. One of your favorite ways to enjoy our fig preserve is with a glass of wine, goat cheese, and crackers. However, we wanted to think out of the box for this recipe without compromising our favorite flavors.

That is when we thought of this pizza.

Bacon Bourbon Burger Recipe

30 - 40 min

serves 3 - 4 ⁠

You will need:⁠

- 1 pound pizza dough

- 1 1/2 cups caramelized onions

- 1 package prosciutto

- 7-8 fresh figs⁠, sliced

- 1 tablespoon olive oil

- 1 tablespoons balsamic glaze

- 3 tablespoons pesto

- 1/2 cup arugula ⁠

- 1 cup goat cheese, crubbles

- 1 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded

- 1 tablespoons PPS Fig Preserves

- Parmesan cheese, grated, for serving

Cooking Instructions

Preheat oven to 450 degrees

Start by preparing the toppings for the pizza, first cutting the onion. Place onion into a pan on med-high heat with oil of your choice. Season with salt. Cook until onions are translucent and golden brown. Set onions aside. Next ripe 3 - 4 prosciutto slices into bite-size pieces. Set prosciutto aside. Lastly, slice figs and set them aside.

On a floured surface, roll the pizza dough into a thin circle shape. Place dough onto an oiled baking sheet.

Cooking Tip! To further prevent the dough from sticking, sprinkle coarse cornmeal on the baking sheet.

Drizzle olive oil and pesto onto the surface of the pizza dough. Spread with the back of a spoon to cover the whole body of the pie. Create an even layer of caramelized onions on top of the sauce. Sprinkle evenly with the mozzarella and goat cheese. Arrange the fig slices and prosciutto pieces evenly across the pizza.

Bake for 20 - 25 minutes until the crust is golden brown.

To finish, sprinkle with arugula and parmesan cheese, then drizzle PPS Fig Preserve and balsamic glaze. Cut into square slices and serve!

It's as simple as that!

Are you going to make this pizza? If so, make sure to tag @palisadepeachshack in a photo. We would love to see what you have made!

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